Welcome to Rainforest Aviaries.

I am a private bird breeder with a passion for breeding the most healthy, happy and beautiful birds possible. I specialize in African Grey Parrots , Green Wing Macaws, and Harlequin Macaws. I am also one of the few breeders in the country working with Black Throated and White Throated Magpie Jays.

I only sell hand raised, fully weaned birds to appropriate homes. When you buy from Rainforest Aviaries you get a bird from a breeder with a great reputation and lots of follow up support to help you make a perfect home for your new companion.

Birds from Rainforest Aviaries all come with a certificate of health. Birds can be DNA sexed upon request. Birds also are closed-banded, guaranteeing that your bird was captive breed and hand-raised as a baby.

Please browse the website to learn more about the wonderful birds I raise and see if one may be right for you.