Training Resources

Parrots of all kinds share the traits of being both incredibly intelligent and social. This means they require AND enjoy training. I highly recommend spending time reading up on training techniques for parrots. Time spent training will strengthen the bond you enjoy with your bird and help the bird negotiate it's life in a human household. The following website developed by parrot training expert Barbara Heidenreich has tons of great information. I subscribe to her newsletter and always learn lots of new tricks from it.

Good Bird Inc. Website


A good cage is the biggest purchase you will make for the life of your bird. Cages come in all shapes and sizes and qualities. Spending a little extra may save you money down the road by avoiding a cage that may fall apart, or rust. It's also very important to purchase a cage that is large enough for you bird

The following video is from a producer of cages that I personally use. They are from a San Diego County company named Animal Environments.