About Me

I am a private bird breeder based in beautiful San Diego County, California. I have had a passion for birds since childhood and have been raising and breeding birds my entire adult life. I especially live for the biodiversity of the tropics and the birds that live there.

I am proud of the quality and health of the birds I raise. I am also proud of the support and advice I give to those who purchase birds from me.

Please contact Paul at 619-518-5140, or email me at RainforestAviaries@gmail.com. Please include a phone number when emailing, as I prefer phone calls to email conversation.

Here is a typical scene around the Rainforest Aviaries nursery.

Parrot Conservation and Parrot Rescue

I am also very interested and involved in parrot conservation in the wild, and in efforts to house and rehome unwanted pet parrots. For more information about these issues checkout the great websites of the following wonderful organizations.