I breed a variety of Macaw species. Lately I have had baby Green Wings (Ara chloroptera), Scarlets (Ara macao) and Harlequins (a hybrid between Blue and Gold (Ara ararauna) and Green Wing Macaws).

Macaws are incredibly intelligent, energetic, and social animals. They require lots of space and attention and therefore are not for everyone. But, if you can provide them with the home, love, and attention they need - they can be an excellent pet and companion. Macaws require lots of one on one attention, supervised time outside their cage, and a healthy diet with lots of fresh veggies. They should not be kept in a home with smokers or other irritants in the air. Macaws can be loud birds and may not work well in apartment type situations.

All the macaws I sell are hand raised and closed-banded. I sell my birds only fully weaned.