Birds For Sale

March 1st, 2023 have three early season hatched, beautiful, very large Congo African Grey babies for sale. These birds are healthy and always come closed banded and DNA sexed and microchipped. Two DNA sexed females and one DNA sexed male available. Currently being handfed, but I am taking deposits. Perfect birds in full feather (not clipped). I will finish weaning onto a premium pelleted diet for you. I try to do basic recall and "Step up" training on all my birds. Their hatch dates were January 12, 13th and 15th, 2023. I estimate they will be weaned and ready to go home by mid-April. I have many years of experience as a breeder. I will provide lots of advice and support to help you make the perfect home for your new family member! Call 619-518-5140 $5500/each.   Shipping available but prefer pick-up. 

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Oct 12th, 2022 Black Throated Magpie Jay babies for sale. Beautiful aviary birds. Hand reared, closed banded. DNA Sexed. I have one male and one female currently. Parent reared then pulled for hand feeding. Hatch dates 6/25, 6/26/2022. Babies are $1450 each. Please call 619-518-5140 for more details. Shipping available.  

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